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If you intend on engaging in our service "just for fun," we encourage you to join the Hammerschlagen Society™. (Membership can be verified below.)

Why It Was Formed

Hammerschlagen Society™

Any time that our primary trademark (our trade dress) is reproduced, the intellectual property of Hammer-Schlagen® becomes vulnerable to counterfeiting. We want you to have fun while at the same time ensuring our property is protected. This is where the Hammerschlagen Society™ has its place. Only those who enter into an agreement with HS Franchising, LLC of Minnesota, to not use our trademarks "in commerce" can hold themselves out as Hammerschlagen Society™ members. If you become a member of the Hammerschlagen Society™, you are representing to us that you won't be one of those jerks who steals our brand and ruins the fun for everybody. (By the way, HS Franchising, LLC, will consider selling materials and supplies only to its Hammerschlagen Society™ members.)

What Is "In Commerce" Use? If you use any one or more of our marks at a banquet hall for a wedding, in a bar or restaurant, in conjunction with a charity at your house, or at a company picnic in a park, you are using our marks "in commerce" and are very likely counterfeiting our brand (even if you don't charge people to participate in the service). But, here's a secret: the law allows you to use our trademarks provided they are not used in commerce. An example of non-commercial use would be your use of our our trade dress in your own backyard with your own kids (to determine who's going to cut the grass).

Verify Membership

To verify membership in the Hammerschlagen Society™, please enter the member's e-mail address in the form below.

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